Short Sample Introduction

Here's an example containing common writing errors students make in their introduction. How many problems can you identify? There are at least 16 mistakes:

Hi guys,

My name is john smith. I have four members in my family; four brothers, one sister and a dog My father is teacher, my mother is nurse.

I was born in Marion. I was living in seven years. We moved to Evansville when I was eight. Why? Because my father got a new job. I graduated from High School two years ago and I work at McDonalds for six months. Now, I am a student at the U of U in the ELI program. Mr. Davis is great. He is a little demanding.

I enjoy listening to music, reading books, and pizza. My best friend is MARIA.

Hi. My name is Mary and i am from chile.

I decided to study english so I came to America.

There are 3 people in my family.

When I was a child I liked to swim, fish and play with friends.

Actually I took the class, art 101, when I started school here.

And I really enjoyed the class.

I need to improve my English, I'm not very good now.

My sister Mary is a student in the University of Utah.

My brother is older than me and he can play basketball very good.

I live East of the city on East elm street.