Website Construction Project

by Randall S. Davis

"Sharing ideas is what the Internet is all about!"

- Randall Davis


Purpose of Lesson:
  • You should be able to create a home page about some aspect of culture by using all of the Internet resources discussed in class. You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge of HTML construction and academic research (see example)

What is the culture Web site project?

One purpose of this class is find ways of learning more about world cultures and develop language skills. The final project will give you a chance to use all of the skills you have learned to do this.

Your html page will be about some aspect of world culture and will be combined with the other pages of students to form a class web site. You are free to choose topic, but you should discuss it with me first.

You will be required to write your formal academic paper according to the information given in class, and you will need to create a list of references).

What kinds of Information should we include in the paper?

Your homepage should answer the questions about the topic you choose. If you select a particular holiday, the information you would write would be similar to what you see below:

When is the holiday celebrated?

  • date
  • time of day
  • length of celebration
How do people celebrate the day?
  • special activities
  • games
  • religious gatherings
Where do people celebrate this day?
  • at home
  • at school
  • at church or temple
  • at a special hall
Do people eat any special foods?
  • food (meat, fruits, breat, vegetables, etc.)
  • drink (juice, water, alcohol, etc.)
  • candy

What are the guidelines for writing the paper?

Your page should have an introduction, body, and conclusion, and should follow the guidelines for formal academic writing discussed in class.

You should use your own words when writing the paper, and not just copy the words of others. The sample paper gives examples of how to quote from Web sites, e-mail messages, and mailing lists.

Where should I begin?

Select a topic you are interested in. Explore the Internet with search engines before you decide on a topic. This way you can see how much information is out there for you to work with.

Next, you should try to contact people about your topic through e-mail exchanges, discussion boards and mailing lists, and chat rooms.



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